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About Us

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We are a San Antonio company that
specializes in SEO and Website Design.

Prime Choice SEO's goal is to help small businesses compete on the digital front utilizing strong internet marketing techniques specifically aimed at attracting the residents of San Antonio, or your local area. Our company values understanding the mission and dreams of our clientele so that we can be passionate about their success. It has always been our mindset that, two businesses can be greater than one, as long as they are heading in the same direction and have the ability to work well together. This is the reason why we are selective when onboarding clientele, as to best ensure that there are similar ambitions, so that the newly formed partnerships can be long and fruitful. When small businesses actively work to build upon one another, their success can grow exponentially. Our company strives to provide top-notch services so that any company is more prosperous after having done business with us. We place the highest level of value on each and every collaboration that we enter into, since our work would not be possible without the confidence and trust that our clients place in us. Ultimately, we are a tool to bring more revenue to the small businesses we serve and support.

"There are many options in the world for SEO services, but we acheive quality and results that makes us the prime choice."

About Us

Why Choose Us

The company you partner with should take the time to not only understand your goals, but the true reason behind why you initially established them. By getting to know what drives you and your business to succeed, we will then be able to figure out the best and most effective way to guide your company to faster success. You may have heard the phrase "business is business", but we believe that this can cause companies to treat clients as just another number, detracting from the unique experience that could be offered. This is why we do not make cookie cutter digital marketing plans. Instead, this San Antonio based company takes the time to develop a custom tailored plan, for every client, which will produce the results they are after. We want to hear your input, so we are confident that at each step of the planning process, the strategies we form are specific to you and your business. At Prime Choice SEO, we go beyond simply designing websites and will uncover the best way to use the Internet for marketing your business and engage your specific customers.
Who better to understand your small business but another small business? Originally opened in San Antonio, William Bowman was a one man team, with an intent to become a local website design company, but it was quickly uncovered that in order to provide true value to clients he would need to pivot the strategy and incorporate another digital marketing technique, SEO. After having worked for huge corporations in the IT sector, he wanted to take the skills and knowledge he had developed over the years and repurpose them into bringing a competitive edge back to small businesses. It is William’s passion to aide in the success of all those he encounters. Thus, Prime Choice SEO was born and has since been making the impacts necessary for small businesses to advance in their success. Our company does this by building out websites that not only look amazing, but are secure, accessible, and offer real value in terms of increased revenue. We know what it takes to turn that business idea floating around in your head, into a working concept, and eventually the start of your full-fledged small business. We want to hear your story as well! Let's compete with the commercialized businesses together and ensure that small businesses not only survive, but also prevail.
Unfortunately, we have heard from many small businesses owners that their previous experiences with SEO were less than spectacular. Either the website design did not come out the way they had envisioned, or the company just could not utilize SEO to its full potential in order to produce the results they were after. We ensure that the goals we set are attainable, as our processes aren't just empty words, they are driven by data and continuous research. We stick by our promises and are not satisfied until we have reached the goals we set out to achieve. Marketing your business on the Internet is a critical part of keeping yourself relevant in customers’ eyes, and Prime Choice SEO analyzes various standings to measure how you compare to competitors, and how we can improve your position. If you are in San Antonio, or anywhere else for that matter, trust that our digital marketing strategy and website design will obtain the increased volume that you are after.
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